Chloé Lapeyssonnie

It’s me, Chloé, and I’m thrilled to see you here! : )

As a passionate storyteller, my approach to photography is radically modern and non-invasive, so I promise I won’t let you dry out in the sun with your bouquet dangling from your tired hands. And I won’t torture your kids into posing when it’s snack time (now that would be really cruel!).

I’m dying to express my creativity but in the end, I’m really here to testify about you, your life, your love. I’m not here to push things onto you, it’s not about my ego, it’s all about you, I’m here to make YOU shine.

So if you’re in the same mindset, if you like bold and modern photography, if you feel we could have pleeeeenty of fun, let’s go on this big exciting adventure together!

See you soon, then?


ChloE L.
  • Wedding packages / starting at €2,800
  • Family and Couple Sessions / starting at €650
  • REAL GirlS Sessions / starting at €550
  • Editorial/Corporate/Others / contact me for a personalized quote



Books & Magazines

Monetiser son blog 
Monetiser son blog 

Author: Nessa Buonomo (La Mariée Aux Pieds Nus)
Eyrolles - August 2015

Un "oui" a la nuance (10 pages)

Stylist: Dominique Turbé
Marie-Claire Idées - July-August 2015

Savoir-Faire de blogueuse (4 pages)
Savoir-Faire de blogueuse (4 pages)

Stylist: Nessa Buonomo
Marie-Claire Idées - March-April 2015

Inspirations fleuries
Inspirations fleuries

Author: Nessa Buonomo
Eyrolles - October 2014

Oh oui ! On se marie
Oh oui ! On se marie

Author: Anne-Sophie Michat (Hëllø & Weddingland) & Maëlis Jamin-Bizet (La Fiancée du Panda)
Solar - August 2013

/ TBA : Tables fleuries /
/ TBA : Tables fleuries /

Author: Nessa Buonomo (La Mariée Aux Pieds Nus)
Eyrolles - Spring 2016