Emilie + Brice

How I love when couples just go with the flow, allowing themselves to enjoy every tiny bit of their D Day, no matter what!
When I arrived that morning, Emilie announced me that she was 4-month pregnant, that it wasn’t exactly the timing they would have chosen but they were both over the moon! They didn’t change any of their wedding plans, but instead just thought that it was even a greater, a more powerful and symbolic celebration of their love : ) Yes, full on emotional times here!
Their relaxed, super-cool wedding was full of carefully chosen details (who wouldn’t kill for chocolate bars with their names on it?!! And can we talk about their space photobooth and rainbow donkey pinata please? : D), so let me tell you that everyone enjoyed themselves like a bunch of wild kids… and so did I!

Venue: Le Moulin D’Andé
Caterer: Marie Chemorin

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