Severine + Julien – Tuscany 1/2

It’s winter now, and it’s all cold and gloomy out there…
So let’s go bathe in the Tuscany sun, shall we?  : D
Today, let me introduce you Severine and Julien, a fantastic, loving, enthusiast couple who decided to escape to the goooorgeous old city of Lucca, Italy, to get married!
As you’ll see, it was all about fun, laughter and merriments in the ancient little streets, enjoying all the delicious good a typical trattoria has to offer!
But wait, oh wait… it was only Day 1!!! Stay tuned for the incredible Day 2, in a small village entirely privatized for them and all of their guests.
Sit back, relax and enjoy this sunny, joyful wedding!
PS: red lips + yellow pants = huuuge <3

Wedding Planner: Il Giorno Perfetto

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