Margaux + Thomas – Marrakech 2/3

On Monday, we left Margaux and Thomas right in the middle of the action, as they were both getting ready for their ceremony in La Pause oasis…
Today, they’re finally going to discover each other and celebrate their passion and commitment surrounded by their loved ones, bathing in the insanely glowy desert sunset. It was as intense, as emotional as every wedding ceremony should be <3
Caaaaan you feeeeel, the loooove toniiiight? (Haha, now I know you’ll be stuck with this Disney soundtrack for ages… : D)
I bet you can! ; )
After exchanging vows, Margaux & Thomas invited all of their guests under gorgeous Berber tents to share a traditional Moroccan diner, punctuated by belly dancers, fire spitters, Berber musicians and acrobats.
Later on, the party started with a groovy performance by Vigon, a very famous Moroccan soulman, who set the dancefloor on fire. Man, how this crew knows how to party… Well, you’ll see that for yourself if you care to scroll down a little…  ; )
See you next Monday for the last part of this Moroccan adventures!

Wedding dress: My Little Bacon
Suit: Samson
Venues: La Pause

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