Katia + Antoine – A Modern Wedding

Rainy days, we don’t like them, do we? But they can also make for perfectly modern, warm and merry weddings!  : D
Especially when they take place in a gorgeous Parisian loft, with sweet people full of love and laughters  : )
There are so many details to love about this day!
Don’t you just adore the Bride’s short, cheeky dress, rock ‘n rolled up by her cool leather jacket?!
Glitter pumps? Full rack of sexy guitares? Hell YEAH!
And personally, I’ve always been a sucker for lofty spaces, full of light coming through the glass walls and ceiling <3 This industrial vibe is such a perfect background for a modern D Day  : )
Well, actually, this Day was only the first step in Katia and Antoine’s union… They are right now very busy planning an amazing festival themed wedding in the South of France! You might have guessed from the beautiful guitares hanging on the wall that the Groom is a big fan of music, right? In fact, it’s so much more than this… He’s a talented guitare player and their 3-day wedding this summer will be all about music… See Coachella? Well, that’s were all the inspiration will come from… I won’t say anything more about it, I don’t want to spoil their guests but I JUST LITERALLY CAN’T WAIT <3
See you in July for the next episode  ; )


Dress: home made, from the “Lolita” pattern designed by Wear Lemonade

MUAH: The Reporthair

Suit: Faubourg St Sulpice

Catering: Chloé Cuisine En Vert

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