Wild Andalusia

Last Spring, with my very good friend Béatrice (the talented photographer from The Quirky), we headed down to Andalusia, in the South of Spain.
We drove without a plan, just enjoying the amazing scenery from the Tabernas arid landscapes to the tempestuous ocean beaches of Tarifa.
Along the way, we discovered Fort Bravo, an amazing decrepit Western-styled theme park where cheap movies and commercial used to be shot when the production couldn’t afford to relocate in the American West.
As it was off season, we were the only ones to actually sleep in the little cottage houses on the outskirts of the fake village. The wind blew so much sometimes in this empty, fake village that it almost gave us the creeps. And idle fake cowboys/actors speaking only Spanish (which we didn’t understand at all), wandering in the deserted streets and trying to flirt with use relentlessly didn’t help, I must admit.
But just before night time, magic happened: the actors let loose the horses they use for their Western show, and they all run off in the streets, wild and free, in the setting sun.
It was SO WORTH IT! We fell in love with that unexpected moment.
Our little adventure then took us to Tarifa, where we contemplated the sun peaking through the heavy, grey clouds, our faces beaten by the strong ocean winds that make this place a well-known heaven for surfers…
But we couldn’t leave before grabbing the first ray of daylight in the crazy deserted airport of Ciudad Real!
It was built only a couple of years ago, but soon went bankrupt and it’s now waiting for some buyer that would put the escalators on the move again. It was a very strange experience, between sheer beauty and sadness, to see this brand new building abandoned (well almost, as security services and local police forces are keeping it) in the middle of nowhere.
I hope you’ll enjoy this little road trip “notebook”, also full of pictures of my perfect model, and that it will make you want to visit this astonishing part of Spain!

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