Calfornia dreamin’

With this post, I wanted to show you something more personal, something I’ve been in love with since I’m a teenager: hitting the road throughout the USA. I had the fabulous chance of travelling the Route 66 with my dad when I was 15 and from this moment on, my heart was hooked.
Miles and miles of desert, empty motels, dinosaures (?!), long strips of tarmac, a skate park by the ocean and many sunrises due to some major jet lag… all of it makes for great road trip.
Los Angeles – Joshua Tree – Palm Springs – San Diego – Oceanside – LA.
All of these names dear to my wandering heart…
I’ve always thought that being born in France was one huge mistake, that I should have been born somewhere in California, whether by the ocean, in the mountains or in the desert. The light, the scenery, everything make me feel like home every time my plane lands over there.
So yes, California, I’ll be back soon enough, I miss you way too much…


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