Learning by Doing – The Fashion Shoot

Remember Jo and the whole Real Girls concept?
Well, I’m still very much into this process right now, as I have 4 Real Girls sessions coming up with Cloé, Flavie, Myriam and Béa!
As I want to bring the very best out of these sessions (and out of these Girls!), I realized I needed to get out of my comfort zone and push my posing skills one step further.
So when Iseut Vertie, a young fashion photographer, reached out to me to talk about wedding photography, I jumped at the chance and offered to trade experiences!
She very kindly accepted and took me onto one of her editorial fashion shoot with 2 gorgeous models: Barbara Maldonaldo, from Karin Agency, and Jeanni, from Marilyn Agency.
It was an extremely enlightening experience for me, learning so much about how to make women look amazing, of course, but also how to be way more creative and bolder in my way to direct them, to inspire them to be more at ease, to have fun and feel free to fool around, to try new things, unconventional poses!
Yes, you can smile while cranking your nose.
Yes, you can wrap your arms in weird ways.
Yes, you can jump around and dance.
Yes, you can dare take the pose and act, allowing yourself to be somebody else for a minute, feel your body, make friends with it, test it, allow conflicting emotions, gain CONFIDENCE…
It’s all OKAY!
Remember when you were a kid, playing dress up, putting on a show just for fun’s sake (and sometimes an audience of stuffed animals)? Oh, what a liberating feeling, right?!
As adults, we get serious, we get self conscious, we are taught that our appearance is not perfect. We tend to lose this inner kid who just doesn’t care.
Well guess what! It’s seriously non serious stuff!
Let’s have some fun, allow yourself to shine, show your true colors and re-invent yourself!
Chin up, Real Girls! Don’t be afraid to feel beautiful. And you will be, I promise you  : )
—>   To see all of this into action, stay tuned for Cloé’s Real Girls session next week!   <—

Models: Barbara Maldonaldo, from Karin Agency  //  Jeanni, from Marilyn Agency
MUA: Louise Parilusya
Clothing: ASH Studio Paris

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