Emmaus Defi: Happy Birthday!

Emmaüs Défi is one of the most active charity in Paris, a legacy of Abbé Pierre, who dedicated his entire life to helping the poorest. Its purpose is to salvage used pieces of furniture and clothes that have been donated to them, to give them a second youth and sell them back at the cheapest – while fairest – price possible. All the collected money is reinvested in the charity, of course : )
All the people working there have encountered very challenging personal and professional hardships, some of them have been homeless for a while… Here, the Emmaüs Défi structure helps them finding their way back to society through work, through friendship, through social events. It’s a difficult path for them, but the outcome is tremendously encouraging!
To celebrate its 2nd anniversary, they decided to throw a party right after the biggest sale of the year, and boy, did they enjoy sharing these precious moments together…
They danced, they sang and gathered around their brand new mini van, tagged specially for this occasion by the artist Djalouz.
I was so happy to donate a little bit of my time that night…

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