1 Hotel Room – 1 Girl – 10 minutes

I’ve been feeling anxious to shoot more lately, as my wedding season is starting later than usual and almost all of my outdoors sessions have been pushed back to June because of the dreadful weather in Paris right now…
So when I heard that Jo (you’ve met this Real Girl already here) was in town, and staying at the Hotel Panache, a brand new and stylish place, I literally jumped on the occasion to get back to work and try something cosy, intimate  : D
She had a busy schedule, and I didn’t want to bother her, so we made it all happen very quickly: her own hotel room, her own underwear, very basic make up (that she did herself) and a 2-minute hair styling session (which she also did herself, as I’m sooo helpless with hair!). And a very simple 10-minute shooting session by her window, on this gloomy day.
Hope you’ll like this boudoir-spirit flash session!

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