A Lisbon Family Trip

Usually, I don’t post very long texts, you know me, I’m muuuuch better with images. But I HAVE to make an exception here!
With this exciting trip to Lisbon with Jess, Victor, and their little Apolline, I’m inaugurating a BRAND NEW WAY for me to apprehend FAMILY SESSIONS.
Here me out, it’s a bit long, but it comes from the heart and experience : )
What I loooove about weddings (among other things) is that I get to spend lots of time with my couples, their families, their friends. We get to know each other, I get to know their little and big family stories, they all get accustomed to my presence, to the click of my camera.
So the magic happens: they forget I’m here… And this is how you get real, meaningful, spontaneous pictures, the ones that enclose memories for a lifetime.
And when I was shooting family sessions, I usually got very frustrated by this lack of true intimacy! Posing (even the word doesn’t sound right!) for me, for a couple of hours… it was not enough time to build up this relaxed intimacy I love with my families. I couldn’t get the pictures I wanted.
And God forbids the little one was not on her/his best during this short period of time! Parents would get all tense and you could say farewell to the happy, fun pictures we were all hoping for!
I wanted REAL SLICES OF LIFE, every family deserves that kind of memories, not just some pictures-taken-in-the-park-down-the-driveway. They deserve pictures that will faithfully represent their love, their intimacy!

So I TRIED SOMETHING NEW! To build up that sort of relationship, to get authentic emotions and moments, I needed time. MORE TIME. To feel just like good ol’ friends, for families to forget they’re being photographed…
SO FROM NOW ON, HERE IS WHAT I OFFER FAMILIES: 1 FULL DAY COVERAGE, unlimited number of pics. All the best if it’s one afternoon + the morning after. And kids’ nap time makes perfect opportunity for some cool couple shots, too!
Parents AND kids feel SO MUCH MORE RELAXED! It’s been making a huuuge difference in the results we get from their session, it’s incredible  : ))

So it’s what we did here with this amazing, cute, loving family <3
We flew to Lisbon for a couple of days, wandered in the little old streets, saw the ocean, took the typical tramway… in other words, we had fun (and ice creams).
I hope you’ll like the result and that you’ll be convinced by this new approach  : )
Jess, Victor, Apo, I HEART you!!

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