A Day In A Life – The Atlantic Ocean

As I’ve explained it in an earlier post, my approach to FAMILY SESSIONS is a bit different from the usual 3-hours-in-the-closest-park: I spend 24 hours with my clients, getting to know them better, to mingle in their everyday life, to be friends with them, to share good stories with them over intimate meals. We can stay at home a little, we travel, too.
And this is how the magic happens: as we share this intimacy, they gradually forget I’m here…
This is how I get authentic, meaningful, spontaneous pictures, the ones that enclose memories for a lifetime.
The ones you know you should be taking yourself to document your day-to-day life, but you can’t take because, you know, you’re the busy parent! And when you finally find the time to take those pictures, well… obviously, you’re never in the frame!  ; )

Here, it’s even more striking, as Solveig and Ronan are both professional photographers!! This soooo typical, right? Taking beautiful pictures of couples and families for a living, but not having great photographs of the three of you…  : D
I was SO HAPPY they entrusted me with their visual memories, so happy they chose me.
So this is how the four of us drove to their family house by the ocean, spending some quality time fooling around at the beach, enjoying a gorgeous sunset from the top of the cliffs, sharing breakfast still in our PJs on the morning after.
Solveig, Ronan and Little Cleo are a luminous family, full of love, full of joy, with that little pinch of craziness which makes the salt of their relationship… and the spice of this session : D
I hope you’ll feel all of this…

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  • Une superbe séance Chloé ! Tout est parfait !

  • Nan mais Whaaaou ! So talented Klo !!!
    J’adore, je love, je like, je veux 🙂
    Tu as fais le wedding, t’es obligé de faire la FAMILY now 🙂 Et puis ce serait l’occas de se faire un we ensemble why not ?!
    Tellement envie d’avoir un jour d’aussi jolis souvenirs de nous 3 avec ma Brioche…
    Encore Bravo ma belle :-*

    • Ma belle, tu sais bien qu’avec vous, c’est ANYTIME !! <3
      Je vous embrasse très très fort tous les trois !!!! LOVE !

  • Absolument sublime … c’est vrai, c’est beau, c’est humain, c’est tout ce que j’aime dans un reportage <3 magnifique partage !

  • Depuis le début de ma fraîche aventure photographique je travaille à diversifier mes expériences, m’améliorer pour livrer de beaux reportage mariage, car c’est vrai qu’une folle journée dans la vie des gens, ça laisse des traces dans les mémoires et les albums photos… et bien je suis enthousiasmée de ton approche, car la famille et ces moments simples et vrai, c’est mon kiffe! Je trouve l’idée merveilleuse et le résultat très beau et touchant.
    Autant dire que ça donne envie de trouver mon chemin dans ce sillage…
    Merci pour ça… priceless !

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