“Paris Lovers” – Mademoiselle de Guise

So one day, Chloë – from the oh-so-cool wedding dress designer Mademoiselle de Guise, reached out to me, asking if I’d like to shoot Leonore, their new little white dress. Something modern, quirky, elegant. Something sexy.
I jumped in immediately, as it’s exactly the kind of vibe I LOVE.
But unlike most fashion shoots, where you have to find two models that would be the perfect fit for the brand, for the cloths, for the photographer, we most of all wanted two people being the perfect fit… for each other!
We wanted chemistry, passion, tenderness, real intimacy, so we had to have a real couple of lovers…
Well, you know what they say… If you want something done, do it yourself!  : D
So we came up with something a little unusual: Chloë herself and her boyfriend offered to model for this shoot, which turned a little into a couple session I must admit, as I got carried away by what these lovers have for each other…

Sidenote: sorry but I have to get it out of my system: don’t they just remind you of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin?!!  : D

Wedding dress: Mademoiselle de Guise
Clutch bag: BLTRX

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