Laureline + Cedric

When Laureline and Cedric got married, they chose to honor their geeky, alternative personalities and went for a full Rainbow-Back to the future-Super Mario-Star Wars-Lord of the Rings wedding! Trust your guts, is what they say, right? : D
These two surely followed their very own path in style and when the time came for their 1st anniversary, there was no way they would have gone for something less fun, less original, less cool than… wearing animal masks in the middle of a museum, and dancing in a greenhouse! Damn we had fun <3
But Laureline had one last sweet trick up her sleeve to end this special day with her husband… As major fans of the movie Up There, she surprised Cédric with their own Adventure Book, a project which she had been working on since they got hitched! Man, I love this couple!! : D
So cheers to you, Laureline and Cédric!

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