Claire + Remi

Claire, Remi and I, we all share a particular taste for industrial heritage, for abandoned places. So when we first talked about the vibe they wanted for this session Rémi, who is a very gifted musician, immediately thought of this insane place where he previously shot a music video for his band! This abandoned mine in the North of France had even been used for the movie Germinal a long time ago… crazy, right?! When we arrived there, overexcited, the sweet lady in charge showed us around and every time we opened a new door, we grew more and more in love with this place.
But just when we thought we had seen the best spot ever, she turned and said: “Well, now this is the real highlight of our little tour!”. And then we came face to face with this gigantic elephant, who seemed trapped in the old warehouse! Damn!
Needless to say, we had enjoyed the hell out of this place for hours : D
Hope you’ll like it as much as we did!
PS: when it’s so sunny in the North, well, you don’t play indoors the whole day through… so we decided to hit the nearest Belgian beach, which was the sweetest ending to this perfect day! ; )

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