Esther + Henri – A Night Out

Esther and Henri make together a perfectly sophisticated couple. Their shared passion for the arts, and especially cinema, has given them a very keen sense of dramatic set ups and a taste for elaborate fiction. As a cinema teacher’s daughter myself, we clicked immediately on this topic and decided to head for something that could look like a short movie, something very chic and crepuscular.

So as we discussed and planned their session, we dug into the dark and classy aesthetics of movies by David Lynch, with a hint of Nocturnal Animals by Tom Ford (Esther & Henri’s latest movie crush!), along with some half-lit, gloomy portraits of Edward Hopper (remember “Nighthawks”? Or “New York Movie”?). We imagined the story of a modern, elegant couple, getting ready for a night out at some friends’ glamorous party. And nothing says “glamorous” like black tie, luscious dark green velvet, red lipstick and glitter  ; )
We found this luxurious room with great natural ceiling light and shiny dark walls at the Hotel Amour in Paris, and boy it did wonders with this couple!
I hope you’ll enjoy this more sophisticated approach to the classic couple session as much as we did  : )
Oh, and YES, they did bring a giant panda head, they carry it around wherever they travel, they even had it on their wedding day… How cool-yet-a-little-intriguing is that?!
Esther, Henri, thanks again for your trust and for letting me go on this creative binge <3

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