Kat + Jen

Kat & Jen got married last year, and it was a fantastic, fun, modern, emotional (surprise!!) wedding. Trust me, I saw the pictures!
So when the time came to celebrate their 1st anniversary, they decided to go big, and flew to Europe for a wonderful trip.
But Jen had another trick up her sleeve… she surprised (do you see the running theme here?) Kat with an anniversary photo session in the city they both love so much: Paris!
So we secretly planned this day with Jen, and on one Sunday morning, I showed up on their hotel frontdoor  : D
As they were both already familiar with Paris, we headed for unconventional yet typical parisian locations: the St Ouen Flea Market, full of life, quirky objects and antiques, and the Philharmonie, with its very modern and stylish vibe (which delighted Jen as she’s a great fan of architecture and loves Jean Nouvel’s work).
Thank you girls so much for your trust, the time we spent together was perfect <3

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